viernes, septiembre 02, 2011

Gifs from 'Picture to Burn'

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Free Displays

I'm bored, so I will submit some displays you can take, so feel free to use it. Anyway, credits would be appreciates.
Today, some displays from Miley, Demi, Selena and Vanessa {click the images for the full view};

 From Miley

From Demi
From Selena

From Vanessa

Uhm, that's all. Hope you like it :3

PSD "U Smile"

{Download here}

It have PASSWORD, so leave me your mail on a comment and I will send you the pass.

Colorization 4 (Emma Roberts)

{Click the image for the full view}

I like it<3

Collage 2 (Taylor Swift)


jueves, septiembre 01, 2011

Colorization 3 (Ashley Tisdale)

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Well, it's funny to do this haha x) This one's good :]

Colorization 2 (Avril Lavigne)

Yeah, Avril's not blonde :O xd LOL, ehm, well, this one's better, I think... Just one mistake, but, I like it *-*

Display 1 (Dianna Agron)

Her eyes<3

Blend 2 (Dianna Agron)

{Click the image to the full view}

Aws, I loved this photos. She looks beautiful.

My action  

Colorization 1 (Taylor Swift)

{Click the image to the full view}

The first one I've ever done. It's not too bad, don't you think?

Collage 1 (Taylor Swift)

She's lovely.


Blend 1 (Lea Michele)

It's simple, but, don't you think it's cute? I'm in love with this photos. She looks amazing.

My action.

Hello there!

Hi, it's Esther. But here you can call me Emmie. BTW, I create this blog to submit my editions and well, whatever I want to post here. Uhm, just... hope you like all I post and, well, welcome to my blog :]